Minimalist Apartment in Modern Style – There is always something more in something less, including in a minimalist apartment. With careful arrangement and choice of tone for accent, a modern and minimalist space can result in a beautiful area that will be suitable for your dynamic lifestyle. Yet, an apartment size is not as wide […]

Paramitopia.Com – Located in Cape Town, South Africa, this apartment is a work of art from Antoni Associates with the apartment building construction. This building is completed in 2012 using the luxurious style with a stunning panorama right on the front on it. It’s called as the Clifton View 7. With the expensive color design […]

Small Patio Ideas for Apartments – Living in apartment it is brilliant idea because apartment usually designed with small simple design and you can also design your apartment with using small patio ideas for apartments. When you are living in modern apartment you can design it with modern small patio and you can also combine […]