ParamiTopia.Com – Semi-open area of a house is a place where terrace house is usually conceived as an additional value of a home layout. There are so many designs that can be applied to designing a terrace house. Furniture, accessories, decorations and other are some important thing that must be noticed in designing a terrace house […]

Traditional House Designed – Wooden material that has a classic design is a material domination that is usually used to create traditional house designed. A perfect and traditional impression will occur directly by applying a conventional design of a wooden material. A very natural color design created from the wooden material is a unique characteristic […]

Classic Cottage with the Traditional Design – When we think about classic cottage perhaps that come in our mind is the cottage that has a cluttered look and not as stylish as the modern cottage. We might be wrong if we see this cabin. Designed in the traditional exterior, this cottage also has the standard […]

Small Outdoor Patio Ideas to Decorate Creatively – The small outdoor patio ideas however become more challenging to do and create. You need to set the patio, comfortable in limited space. Sometimes, you will be so hard to find the best furniture and decoration to apply.  But don’t so worry, many creativities are planned to help […]

Traditional Interior for Stylish Home Design – Stylish home can also present with the traditional interior application. If we think that the elegant room is just those with the ultramodern concept; we should be wrong. The modern home using the traditional indoor arrangement can have the low as elegant as the ultra modern house. Furnished […]

Outdoor Patio Ideas with Fireplace – Being confused to select the best outdoor patio ideas with fireplace application? Never mind, after reading this post, you will gain it, gain the best one. Actually, the presence of the fireplace on the patio will give warmth and lights. You will really need this way to ensure that […]

Brick Patio Ideas with Fire Pit – Sometimes, natural appearance with brick patio ideas with fire pit will really steal the sight. You can feel natural landscape design, being in a natural patio, and adding with the simple fire pit. But, you will need the instructions how to build the patio with brick design included […]