ParamiTopia.Com – Semi-open area of a house is a place where terrace house is usually conceived as an additional value of a home layout. There are so many designs that can be applied to designing a terrace house. Furniture, accessories, decorations and other are some important thing that must be noticed in designing a terrace house […]

Traditional House Designed – Wooden material that has a classic design is a material domination that is usually used to create traditional house designed. A perfect and traditional impression will occur directly by applying a conventional design of a wooden material. A very natural color design created from the wooden material is a unique characteristic […]

Traditional Interior for Stylish Home Design – Stylish home can also present with the traditional interior application. If we think that the elegant room is just those with the ultramodern concept; we should be wrong. The modern home using the traditional indoor arrangement can have the low as elegant as the ultra modern house. Furnished […]

Interior Design for the Practical Home – In arranging the look, the interior design must be chosen with the careful consideration of the needs. The modern home with the minimalist concept should consider about the practical function of conception. The house with the minimalist space can also be designed with the elegant and classy way. […]

Classic Accent in the Contemporary Home – A contemporary home can look elegant with the classic accent in it. The classy look of the traditional and classic furniture can make the interior look different and offers unique luxury among the modern design of the contemporary interior. The sleek and clean concept of the modern interior […]

Modern Pavilion Connected with Nature – The modern pavilion with the contemporary design is one of the most popular building designs in the recent interior theme. Located in the Queensland, this tent looks stunning with the tropical theme. The modern concept of this building blends well with the nature surrounding. This building is located in […]

Interior Renovation with Sophisticated Design – The interior renovation concept can result in the fabulous stylish interior look by combining two themes: natural and cosmopolitan. The standard interior can be transformed into the sophisticated urban interior with the cosmopolitan look. It is applied to the house located in Aspen Mountain called Mountain Queens. The most […]