Bathroom Paint Colors Home Decor Gallery For Bathroom Wall Colors How To Choose The Color Of The Bathroom Walls

Bathroom Paint Colors Home Decor Gallery For Bathroom Wall Colors  How To Choose The Color Of The Bathroom Walls

You have chosen the furniture, health, floor covering: how to choose the color of the bathroom walls? It seems an almost irrelevant choice, so much so that sometimes we find ourselves to focus on the classic white without thinking twice: it does not require great thoughts and is always connected to the idea of order and cleanliness. The bathroom furniture trends, and more generally those of design, however, point to more personal choices that are able to show in any detail the taste of those who live day to day the house.   Before entering the field of design it is important to remember that a color should be chosen to which one responds emotionally: may seem like a good idea to follow the current fashion, but often we repent after a very short period. Do not forget to also check the color rendering according to the light: test it with natural light and artificial light before making your choice. Then evaluated the undertone of bathroom furniture: must be the same as the nuance chosen for the walls. Think then what is the style in which you recognize yourself the most: the color of the walls helps to create harmony even greater. For the modern bathroom options are many and very trendy: you can choose the tones of green or turquoise, or more neutral colors such as dove gray or colored sugar paper. absolutely avoid the white if you have chosen the cabinets in the bathroom of the same color! Instead, you can choose black, usually avoided, for a contrasting wall (just one!) On a clear Mobile: will put even more in evidence, without being heavy. [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="335,334,333,332,331,326,327,328,329,325,324,323,322,330"] Nordic style, its own subcategory, slightly restricts the color spectrum: choose light colors and pastel, as the ice gray and light blue. For a classic bathroom it is traditional and the choice usually falls on neutral colors such as beige and gray. For a more personal touch to choose also in this case a contrast wall, in a color like burgundy. Shabby chic style tip rather less classic colors but sober: lavender, sage green and blue, usually combined with a bathroom furniture made of natural materials such as wood. Home decor ethnic shades are very similar: lilac and green moss.   We have not forgotten the needs of those who must choose the color of the walls to a small bathroom: the color choice should help to make it more spacious at the sight.   The options in this case are two: a pastel and relaxing color (for example in shades of blue and green, which draw water) for the entire room, or the classic white, made more modern by a single wall a bright color. The shades will choose a complete contrast to the cabinet, so as to make it stand out as if it were a work of art.

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