Classic Cottage with the Traditional Design

Classic Cottage with the Traditional Design – When we think about classic cottage perhaps that come in our mind is the cottage that has a cluttered look and not as stylish as the modern cottage. We might be wrong if we see this cabin. Designed in the traditional exterior, this cottage also has the standard interior. The simple traditional concept makes this cottage look original, cozy and stylish. Located in the waterfront, this cottage is just as beautiful as the beach house.

Fancy Traditional Dining Room Leaning Mirror Waterfront Shingle Style

Beautiful Traditional Bathroom Marble Countertop Waterfront Shingle Style

This classic cottage interior is furnished with the traditional furniture. It has the traditional bathroom with the traditional decoration in it. The simple square mirror is above the counter on the wooden surface. The standard lamps hanging over the table strengthens the artistic look of this bathroom. The dining room has the classic dining chairs and table in the dark wood. Decorated with the classical elements such as the traditional sconces and the vintage vases, this dining room looks warm and inviting. The large glass windows offer the refreshing oceanic view from outside. It makes this room more refreshing and relaxing.

Gorgeous Traditional Dining Room Classic Furniture Waterfront Shingle Style

Traditional Powder Room Small Window Waterfront Shingle Style

The kitchen is still in serious tone. Furnished with the ancient stools and the kitchen counters and classic kitchen islands, this kitchen look formerly traditional and has the real classic mode. The perfect and natural shower is also one of the classical spaces in this house. Designed in the most natural way to the wooden wall and the rustic wooden door in the dark color, this sho0wer gives the refreshing sense in the outdoor.

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Rustic Outdoor Shower Wood Door Waterfront Shingle Style

Awesome Classic Kitchen Dining Room Waterfront Shingle Style

The exterior of this house is just as classical as the interior. It is made from the white wooden wall with the standard glass windows. The natural stones pillars give the natural accent of the cottage with the waterfront view. Traditional classic cottage with its original traditional interior can be as refreshing as the contemporary one. ParamiTopia.Com.

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