ParamiTopia.Com – For those who live in suburbs area, a house must be decorated with patio ideas with fireplace. Built in the backyard, usually, the furniture applied is made from aluminum material. Besides, it looks so suitable for exterior design, it has a long lifetime. With glass material installed at the main entrance door from […]

ParamiTopia.Com – Talking about the patio ideas with stamped concrete, it focuses on applying natural decoration for the backyard. Since the furniture for patio is usually made from aluminum material, the exterior shots with concrete material for the base. The surrounding green lawn also makes the backyard becomes so as magnificent as the exterior design […]

Patio Doors with Pet Doors – Nowadays, people tend to apply patio doors with pet doors built in sliding design since it has some benefits. The first benefit of applying such design is that it takes less space that can be applied for additional exterior decoration. In addition, the pet door can be applied as […]