Patio Designs with Fire Pit in Portable Design – To make a beautiful patio, you should notice about the patio designs with fire pit in your list. Designing patio with fire pi becomes popular nowadays. The fire pit becomes necessary equipment at the patio since it gives warmness when the day cold. Actually, creating patio […]

ParamiTopia.Com – There are many patio designs which have a unique style and for example like patio pizza. Patio design that competed with pizza open will look so great and interesting. Maybe you can also decorate it in your house and feel the different sensation from it. When the summer comes we need to get […]

ParamiTopia.Com – Talk about the patio furniture design we cannot separate it with the patio ideas. When the patio has modern design ideas, of course we will complete it with modern patio furniture design. There are some patio design ideas which have a unique style that can be your inspiration in your home. When you […]

ParamiTopia.Com – Patio completed our home has the comfortable side and there are many patio designs which have a unique design that you can choose, talk about the patio we will share about patio doors. The door designs in the patio can complete your home more beautiful. In this modernization, many people are decorating their […]

Patio Heater Design – The patio is one of home spaces that make us feel happy when sitting down there, but sometimes we are confused when winter comes because the cold air but we can add a patio heater. In this review article we will share about the heater designs for our patio. By using […]