Basement Bar in Wooden Tone – There are various uses for the basement. You can renovate it as a family room, garage, kid’s playroom, bedroom, or even a bar. The basement bar can be a proper choice for you if you want a relaxing space white enjoying your favorite drinks. Besides, a restaurant will not […]

ParamiTopia.Com – Minimalistic and simplicity has become the main core for a modern house. That concept thus reflected in various ways, such as the choice of tones, design, furniture, and many elements that are equipped with the home, both for interiors and exteriors. But, who says that the concept of simplicity and minimalistic cannot make […]

Old House that Preserves Its Vintage Vibe – There are various ways in redecorating an old house. One of them is to keep the vintage vibe with less modern touch. It is because an old home has been already designed with spacious rooms and beautiful details that will be wasted to be renovated. The Shelly […]