Traditional Interior for Stylish Home Design

Traditional Interior for Stylish Home Design – Stylish home can also present with the traditional interior application. If we think that the elegant room is just those with the ultramodern concept; we should be wrong. The modern home using the traditional indoor arrangement can have the low as elegant as the ultra modern house. Furnished with the furniture with the classic touch, this interior will present the ultimate style of the modern and classic combination. The neutral color is still to be the color theme of the house.

Amazing Traditional Kitchen Design Simple Traditional Empty Nester

Sleek Traditional Bathroom Tile Backsplash Simple Traditional Empty Nester

The bathroom is designed in the traditional way but in a neutral color of white. The traditional white storage is applied to the square white wooden framed mirror. The sconces on the wall are designed in the pure classical lamp with the white lighting. The faucets are in the traditional design and shapes.

Elegant Minimalist White Kitchen Interior Simple Traditional Empty Nester

Gorgeous Kitchen Wood Countertop Simple Traditional Empty Nester

Therefore, the bathroom has the modern touch. The modern bathtub made from the tile surface. The monochromatic colors of this bath tub and shower give a modern look. It is strengthened by the glass door that gives the clean and sleek look of the modern bathroom. The traditional interior accent of this bathroom is also increased by the towel holder above the closet that has a classic look. The decoration is entirely fit with the theme brought by this room.

Fabulous Kitchen Marble Countertop Simple Traditional Empty Nester

Awesome Details Bathroom Vanity Simple Traditional Empty Nester

The kitchen is designed in traditional concept. The neutral color of white is still to be the primary color of the space. The kitchen storages are in white that make the kitchen sleeker and brighter. The kitchen island is in white with the wooden as its surface. The modern hanging lamps are used as the main lighting in the kitchen. The kitchen appliances are some in silver colors give the modern accent in this traditional kitchen. Traditional interior concept can also have a modern look even the contemporary accent for the practical modern living. ParamiTopia.Com.

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